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Since 2006, San Diego Taco Catering is the original, on site, made-to-order, taco catering company is your first choice for taco catering.

We specialize in providing on site taco catering  for private parties, corporate events, backyard gatherings, after-hours wedding bashes and any other event where good people come together for good times and great tacos.

Tacos, sides, appetizers, are all created with our original and proprietary recipes.  Served directly from our specially-designed and unique mobile taco carts, we will impress you and your guests with our premier presentation.

With years of experience in the culinary arts, San Diego Taco Catering will customize our menu to meet your specific needs.

San Diego Taco Catering proudly serves areas throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, San Diego County, the Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley.


Rasta Rita, the world’s first margarita truck and portable beverage service. First established in 2006, she can roll up just about anywhere to serve fresh, organic margaritas and specialty cocktails. Rita is a completely renovated, vintage 1965 GMC step-van. Inside, she houses a fully-equipped bar and beverage service station. All drinks are made by skillful bartenders and hand-crafted on location.

Street fairs, concerts, weddings, in-home private parties, backyard BBQ’s, or even the office… there isn’t anywhere Rita can’t go.

Even kids parties are acceptable when serving virgin drinks and icee’s. Anyone can serve salted-rim margaritas, but who else can roll in on rims to serve them? Only Rita. She’s one-of-a-kind.

Visit Rita at rastarita.com

For a FREE quote contact us today at 1-866-967-2782!

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