San Diego Taco Cart Catering


An authentic street taco cart experience…

San Diego Taco Catering does much more than make great tacos and bring them to your event. We specialize in authentic “Taco Cart Catering”. That is, we prepare, cook and serve tacos, sides and condiments from our custom and modernized version of the taco carts made famous by Mexican street vendors.

Our taco carts are intelligently designed to be safe and extremely useful for providing tacos and accompaniments to outdoor parties and events. The taco cart grills are safely powered by propane tanks, allowing us to cook several types of tacos, as well as keeping delicious hot side dishes, such as beans, rice and tortillas, warm and ready to eat.

At the same time, our carts are fashioned to keep cheeses, salsas, guacamole, onion, cilantro and other accompaniments cool and crisp until they are called to duty.

So you see, we do much more than bring tacos to your event and set them up on tables. Taco Cart Catering is all about arriving early, setting up the carts, preparing the food and, when your guests are ready to eat, they walk right up to the cart and interact directly with our taco cart cooks.

Your guests will see the simmering fajitas and carne asada up close and personal; they will smell the aromas and see the corn tortillas being warmed up before the perfectly-cooked meat is scooped up, dropped into the tortillas, put onto a plate and handed to your guests with a smile.

Our employees who man the carts are well-trained, friendly and fun people who will add to the fun and joy of your event by providing a positive attitude, a commitment to first class service and a great sense of humor, not to mention mad cooking skills.

Taco cart catering is NOT an impersonal food truck that drives up to your event where your guests deal with a cook through a small window, not at eye-level, and trust what they’re serving to you.

Taco cart catering by San Diego Taco Catering is fun. It’s a unique experience that your guests will enjoy as much as we enjoy serving your guests.

That’s a lot!

If you require taco catering, place your business or private event in our capable hands as so many of our clients have. Then relax and enjoy the occasion. Call 866-967-2782 today to receive a FREE taco catering quote.

We show up. We set up. We serve up. We clean up. And YOU get to enjoy your guests and be part of your party.

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